The Labex program will be structured around three workpackages addressing each of the above labex site web



WP1 – New immune markers and therapeutic targets for immunomodulating or depleting therapies
T1.4. A new anti-CMV strategy to prevent primary infection during HSCT
F.Haspot / I. Anegon
T1.5. Functional Contribution of MICA Polymorphic variants to Immune Responses in Organ Transplantation and in Cancer
N.  Gervois / B. Charreau
T1.6. HO-1 and tolerance (HOT)
Anegon / JF. Fonteneau
WP2 – Innovative cellular immunotherapies
T4.3. Adoptive cell therapy for glioblastoma – characterization of tumor cell targets and analysis of their recognition by human t lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo
E. Scotet / C. Pecqueur
T5.1. Tracking of tumor-specific T cells
Y. Guilloux / E. Mortier
WP3 – Combined therapies
T7.3. Melanoma vaccination : coupling optimized long peptides to a viral protein that targets dendritic cells and favors cross-presentation
F. Lang / P. Jeannin


 (objective #1)

To identify new immune markers and therapeutic targets for immunomodulating or depleting strategies , IGO will characterize new immune mechanisms regulating antitumor immunity and allograft rejection, and set up new animal models and immune monitoring methods to accelerate the obtention of preclinical and clinical proof ofefficacy.

(objective #2)

To design cellular immunotherapies with enhanced efficacy, IGO will implement clinical grade protocols for sorting, in vitro expansion and functional differentiation of adoptively transferred immune cells, and design cell labeling protocols with enhanced sensitivity and reduced toxicity for better in vivo tracking of transferred cells.

(objective #3)

Finally in order to develop new immunodepleting and immunomodulating strategies with broader indications and enhanced efficacy , IGO will evaluate

(i) new immune resistance pathways in relation to cell survival,

(ii) cross‐assess existing or new mmunotherapies in tumor, allotransplantation, or autoimmune indications, and

(iii) design innovative radioimmunotherapies or combination immunotherapies enhancing the immunodulating or depleting effect of therapeutic antibodies.




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